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    برنامج خاص بنوكيا لفتح الرسائل والمكالمات



    عدد المساهمات : 721
    نقاط : 2161
    نقاطالعضو النشيط : 20
    تاريخ التسجيل : 12/04/2011

    برنامج خاص بنوكيا لفتح الرسائل والمكالمات

    مُساهمة من طرف سكارف في 2/12/2012, 22:43

    [CENTER][SIZE=4][COLOR=Magenta]برنامج خاص بنوكيا لفتح الرسائل والمكالمات[/COLOR]


    [SIZE=4] [B]Overview[/B]
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] With nokia communication center v2.0, you can access all your messages and contacts - and now also calendar - effortlessly in one location from your PC.
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] This is the new version of communication center that was piloted in Beta Labs and integrated as part of standard nokia PC Suite earlier this year.
    [SIZE=4] [URL="http://up-dona.com/do.php?id=95"][B]Key features[/B][/URL]
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Create and send messages easily
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Receive, view, forward, and reply to messages as they arrive
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Compose multimedia messages effortlessly with easy access to the images on both PC and device
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Manage messages, and sort and group them to quickly find what you are looking for
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Display all your messages in a timeline
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Manage all the contacts stored on your device
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Add new contacts with ease
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Create contact cards complete with thumbnail images
    [SIZE=4] [B]Improvements[/B]
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Calendar editor
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Contact group support
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Contact thumbnail view
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Performance improvements
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Lots of bug fixes
    [SIZE=4] How do you like it? Depending on your feedback, once again, we will integrate communication center 2.0 as part of nokia PC Suite after the beta period.
    [SIZE=4] [B]Compatibility and system requirements[/B]
    [/SIZE][SIZE=4] Operating system: Windows XP SP 2 or newer, Windows Vista

    [URL="http://up-dona.com/do.php?id=95"][COLOR=Magenta]للتحميل [/COLOR][/URL][/SIZE][/B][/SIZE][/CENTER]

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