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    برنامج لتحويل جوالك كاميرا ويب Mobiscope: Video from webcams on mobile V2.06.89



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    برنامج لتحويل جوالك كاميرا ويب Mobiscope: Video from webcams on mobile V2.06.89

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    [CENTER][SIZE=5][B]برنامج لتحويل جوالك كاميرا ويب [URL="http://up-dona.com/do.php?id=182"]Mobiscope: Video from webcams on [/URL][URL="http://up-dona.com/do.php?id=182"] mobile V2.06.89[/URL] [/B]



    [B]No need to purchase any expensive equipment. All you need is a webcam or network camera on your computer to record everything that goes on when you are away. Mobiscope can monitor the area for motion and transfer the recording to your mobile phone.[/B]
    [B] Mobiscope becomes even more mobile! Now you can watch Video from IP cameras from mobile device directly, no desktop installation is needed! In addition you can use free desktop part of application for Video recording and motion detection.[/B]
    [B] * Watch real time webcam Video stream on your mobile. Keep an eye on your children even when away from home. See your loved one at any time when separated by distance or observe your work place and employees in the office during trips.[/B]
    [B] * Get motion detection alerts over email. Be notified of all motion detections and instantly watch a Video stream from a place you observe. Start recording when motion is detected.[/B]
    [B] * Any web/IP cam support. You can watch up to 4 web or IP cameras simultaneously or watch public webcams streaming remarkable places of interest worldwide.[/B]
    [B] * No special equipment required. All you needs is a webcam connected to computer (or netwotk camera) and your mobile.[/B]
    [B] * User interface in English, German, French, Flemish and Russian

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