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    البرنامج الممتاز في تنظيف وتسريع اداء الجهاز (Wise Registry Cleaner)



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    البرنامج الممتاز في تنظيف وتسريع اداء الجهاز (Wise Registry Cleaner)

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    البرنامج الممتاز في تنظيف وتسريع اداء الجهاز (Wise Registry Cleaner)

    [URL="http://up-dona.com/do.php?id=1430"][SIZE=6][COLOR=red][B]Wise Registry Cleaner[/B][/COLOR][/SIZE][/URL]


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    [COLOR=red][B]مواصفات البرنامج [/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red][B] اسم البرنامج: Wise Registry Cleaner[/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red][B] حجم البرنامج: 1 ميجا[/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red][B] الترخيص: مجاني[/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red][B] التوافق: كافة اصدارات الويندوز[/B][/COLOR]
    [COLOR=red][B] الموقع الرسمي: http://www.wisecleaner.com/wiseregistrycleanerfree.html[/B][/COLOR]
    Why choose Wise Registry Cleaner?
    Highly Reviewed Tool
    PCWorld's editor thinks Wise Registry Cleaner is too good to be free. And Gizmo rated Wise Registry Cleaner as the best free registry cleaner. Moreover, other professional IT outlets also wrote positive reviews, such as PCAdvisor, ComputerBild, CHIP, CNET, ZDNet, and others.
    Fast and Safe
    Wise Registry Cleaner has adopted a new advanced algorithm, and now takes only a few seconds to scan the entire Windows Registry. What's more, you can undo your former operations because Wise Registry Cleaner can back up your registry before cleaning.
    Registry Cleaner
    Removes obsolete, temporary, invalid, and redundant registry items from Windows System.
    System Tune-up
    Tunes up your system to accelerate and stabilize your PC and network. Please read carefully about the items you wish to optimize before you run this feature.
    Registry Defrag
    It will analyze your registry and reduce fragmentation in order to make it more efficient and tidy. Please note the computer will lose current information during registry analysis, and reboot after defrag.

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